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01. Consulting

Knowing you have a challenge and knowing how to meet that challenge is the difference between being stuck where you are and moving forward. By consulting with our clients and their teams we offer a professional third-party perspective helping them resolve their building performance challenges, minimize costs, manage risk and quickly move on to their next challenge.

Our consulting services include:

  • Design: Preparation of drawings and specifications for re-roofing and window replacement on existing commercial buildings including:
  • Design review: Review of tender and construction drawings and specifications to help identify constructability issues, pain points and key details warranting special attention
  • Specification and Tender: Preparation of drawings and specifications for re-roofing and window replacements of existing commercial buildings.
  • Product Evaluation & Testing: Evaluation of roofing, building enclosure and passive fire protection products for use in nonstandard and challenging applications.
  • Insurance Claim Review: Examination and findings reports for roof systems, building enclosure systems and passive fire protection assemblies directly and indirectly impacted by extreme weather and fire for building owners and insurance providers.
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02. Building Asset Management

How are your roof and building enclosures performing? Do you have hidden leaks? Have your fire doors received their annual inspection? Are the fire stop assemblies intact, functional and able to work as designed? What areas should be maintained and when? As independent third-party consultants and inspectors we review your building on an annual basis with the goal of mitigating costly repairs, fulfilling the national fire code (NFC 2010 and NFC 2015) legal requirement for annual inspections and plan for the future.

To help our clients get the most out of their buildings we offer:

  • Diagnostic Investigations: Investigation of issues with roofing and building enclosure systems and recommendation of corrective measures.
  • Roof, Building, Enclosure and Passive Fire Systems Condition Surveying: We do a detailed Review of existing roof, window an passive fire protection systems; documenting the condition, estimating remaining serviceable use, and collaborate with clients to develop maintenance schedules and budgeting.
  • Roof and Window Anniversary Warranty Inspections: Post construction inspection of roofing and window systems to ensure client compliance and corrective measures covered in labor warranties prior to expiration.
  • Fire Door and Shutter Inspection: Annual inspection and reports for fire doors and shutters to ensure compliance with the 2010 and 2015 National Fire Code requirements for annual inspection.
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03. Project Management

As a building owner and property manager you should be focused on what you and your business does best. Re-roofing, glazing replacements, renovations and expansions can be complex and costly projects. With our extensive experience and knowledge of commercial construction we collaborate with the contractors, their teams and our clients. We empower our clients by explaining the nuances, guide them through the construction and renovation process, avoid costly pitfalls and oversee contractor work.

To help our clients get the most out of their buildings we offer:

  • Project Oversight: Oversight of roofing system, building enclosure and passive fire protection projects including preconstruction meetings, project quality control inspections, materials compliance, deficiency management and project closeout.
  • Client Representation : Representation of our client’s best interests; dealing directly with trades contractors, professional consultants and general contractors
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04. Construction and QC/QA

Third party course of construction quality control and assurance is one of the most cost-effective ways we help our clients ensure their roof, building enclosure and passive fire systems are being constructed correctly helping to ensure they to get the most out of its long-term performance. JDB Consulting Inc. works with building owners, architects and general contractors to mitigate risk and deliver the best quality buildings for their money.

To help our clients get the most out of their buildings we offer:

  • Fire Proofing, Fire Stopping, & Intumescent Coatings: On-Site Quality Assurance of Firestopping, Smoke Seals and Fireproofing including review and testing of selected systems.
  • Commercial Roof Systems: On-Site Quality Assurance of commercial roof system including review and testing of selected systems.
  • Building Enclosure Systems: On-Site Quality Assurance and testing of building enclosure systems.
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05. Testing & Diagnostics

JDB Consulting Inc. offers a robust array of testing and diagnostic services that provide building owners and contractors the hard facts they need to make the best decisions they can for their renovation and new construction projects.

  • Adhesion Testing: Membrane to substrate adhesion testing of air/vapour barrier membranes using industry leading equipment and methods to measure the tensile adhesion between membranes and substrate surfaces.
  • Air Tightness Testing: Qualitative (smoke tests) and Quantified airtightness conducted on windows, curtain wall units and their adjoining assemblies.
  • Water Penetration Testing: Water penetration testing of windows, curtain walls and their adjoining assemblies.
  • SFRM Fireproofing Thickness and Adhesion Testing: Testing for compliance to project and code requirements for thickness and adhesion of fireproofing products.
  • Infrared Thermography: Thermographic infrared imaging of roofs, walls, windows, glazing systems and hydronic systems.
  • Thickness Testing: Measurements of roof, wall, glazing and window material thicknesses to ensure compliance with project specifications and code requirements.
  • Tramex Roof Scanning: Mobile non-destructive impedance scanning designed to detect moisture in completed roofing and waterproofing systems.
  • Other Testing services: Dry-Buckleys Testing, Wind Uplift Testing.